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Opinion on the upcoming election

This is from Trapper, Rick Moore.

To All,

Last night I attended a joint meeting of  The New Jersey Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs and the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance. The featured speaker was Gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno also invited to speak was candidate Phil Murphy. I would personally like to thank Lt. Gov. Guadagno for taking time to listen to and answer questions from both groups regarding policy and concerns affecting our love of the outdoors, our life style and issues important to us as Americans. Lt. Gov. Guadagno left a positive impression on members representing both groups. All got the impression she has an understanding of the sportsman, outdoors person and their role in the stewardship and responsible use of New Jersey’s outdoor resources as well as supporting our 2nd amendment rights and heritage. Phil Murphy failed to respond to multiple attempts to meet with either group either privately or in open forum.

The November 8 Gubernatorial election will be “extremely” important to all sportsmen and users of New Jersey’s outdoor resources for possibly generations to come. There’s no doubt if you value the outdoor lifestyle and you’re rights as an American which way to go. Get you’re family and friends and get out and VOTE. Our future depends on it.
Richard Moore”

August 6th, next meeting date

Be there.

This is likely to be a very important meeting.  There are several representatives from different organizations who will be there to add to the discussion.  You will want to be able to learn what’s happening and be prepared to act if we need to.

We meet monthly at the Clinton office of NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife at 1:00 PM.

New members and interested outdoors folks always welcome.