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2017 Fur Sale/Auction

The fur sale to be held at Space Farms. It will be Sat March 18 and Sunday March 19 2017.
Fur will only be accepted on Sat March 18 beginning at 9am.
All fur must be brought in on Saturday no fur will be accepted on Sunday. The sale will begin at 10am sharp on Sunday the 19th.
Commission will be 6% for members and 8% for non members.
Check out the photos from the auction at this link!


There is now an Assembly Bill A4407 with the same wording as S2750. This will basically make most of our traps illegal. Both bills are identical. We need to continue to write, call, fax our opinions to our legislators. We should also get our friends and family to do the same.

Action Required – IMPORTANT

At the Dec. NJTA meeting Andy Burnett (NJ DFW Fur Bearer Biologist) mentioned that he had sent out1000 surveys but only received responses from183 trappers.
Only 15% of trappers that were sent the survey answered it. We need a better response because the results are used for harvest estimates and future regulation changes. Please make it a priority to answer the survey. It’s important to the future of your sport.